problems with compile

I have just finished my manuscript and am ready to compile,however, when I try I can not get the latest draft into the compile areas. Only the one from before. I have tried saving and re saving and can’t seem to find my way around it. Please help my deadline is almost in the rear view mirror!

The first thing to check is to see how your project is set up in the binder.

[To avoid confusion, I’ll call the previous draft which compiles properly Version 1, the one that doesn’t Version 2]

eg: if Version 1 is in the original ‘Draft’ manuscript in the binder (the one that was provided by default when you first started the project), and you’ve created a new folder at the top level of the binder for Version 2, you’ll see something like this…

Draft (provided by the project by default)
– Documents for version 1
Draft 2 (you created this)
– Documents for version 2

This setup will produce the behaviour you are reported – and it’s working as exactly as it’s designed to.

In fact, if you’ve created Version 2 ANYWHERE but in the original Draft folder, you’ll see this behaviour. That’s because the original Draft folder is a special one, and by default, documents are only compiled if they are in that folder – the compiler doesn’t see the Draft 2, because it’s not supposed to.

If that’s the case, then all you need to do is to drag Version 1 out of the Draft folder to somewhere else in the binder (make a new folder outside Draft – ‘Archived Drafts’ perhaps). Then drag Version 2 into the original Draft folder and compile. You should then be able to compile as normal.

To be clear, there are other things which could be going wrong with your project, but this is the first thing to check.