problems with compiling to *.docx and *.odt

My Ubuntu version of Scrivener can compile multiple “Scrivenings” into

Word Document (.doc)
Open Document Format (.odt)

(amongst other output options in the menu)

but apparently .docx is not an output option

The .doc option works … but the .odt option does not … the .odt output document is truncated for some reason.

What is needed to output to *.odt or *.docx?

My plan.
I would like to parse the output *.docx file to break the single *.docx document into sub-documents to then map these sub-documents into textframes in scribus as a final desktop publishing layer. This will require searching for tags (Titles and Chapter Headings) inside the *.docx file to then create the sub-document breaks.

I don’t want to use OpenOffice or LibreOffice subdocuments but instead use python script for parsing the *.docx file produced by Scrivener.

I didn’t understand most of what you’re trying to do, but I can chime in that there seem to be issues with the .odt compile.

The default template for novels works great for .doc, but if you compile for .odt the file comes out single-spaced and formatted for an A4 page (no matter what you select in the options otherwise). Looks good though, just not quite right with the spacing and margins due to the different page format.

I’m using the beta of Scrivener for Linux on Ubuntu 12.10.

Hmm, I don’t have any problems with .ODT or .DOCX exports. I’m on Ubuntu 13.04b rolling. I wasn’t having problems with Mint 14 either.