Problems with corkboard

I am a new user and seem to be having a bit of a problem with the corkboard. In fact, I can’t seem to get any cards into it at all. I’m obviously missing a key step somewhere along the way and I dearly want to use the corkboard. Can someone please outline in a simple way the steps necessary in order to see items in the corkboard? Thanks. :question:


Have you been through the tutorial (Help > Tutorial) or checked out the 13-minute video introduction to Scrivener?

Both cover how the corkboard works. Essentially the corkboard shows the subdocuments of whichever document you click on. So if you click on a folder and enter corkboard mode, you see all the documents that are stored inside that folder on the corkboard. My guess is that you are clicking on a document that has no subdocuments and switching to corkboard mode, and therefore seeing nothing. Any document can have subdocuments (not just folders), though, which is why you can still switch to corkboard mode even with documents that don’t have subdocuments.

Hope that helps. I definitely recommend the tutorials, though.

All the best,