Problems with Dictation / Security Settings Scrivener ist missing

Since the Catalina Update I can not use the dictation functionality in Scrivener.
Under the Security Settings / Microphone Scrivener is not listet under the Apps that allow access. Nor I can add it because the +/- button ist not foreseen.

How can I allow the microphone to get uses by Scrivener?

Thank you for your help!

P.S.: screenshot (German) attached

Scrivener as app is not accessing the microphone, especially not for dictation, as dictation is a system function and independent to the application where it is used. you might want to check here, to find the cause of the issue: … ow-to-fix/

You helped me a lot - Schreibx :wink:) Thank you!

First item solved the problem. Go to Keyboard / dictation and turn functionality off and on again.

It makes fun to work with you guys. Professional board members.

Thank you and wish you a noice evening and greets from Germany