problems with drag and drop importing


I am having problems with drag and drop importing of documents into the Research section.

For example, when I tried to drag and drop a web page icon from the address bar into the Research folder icon, it said the filetype was unsupported. However, it does work if I go to File–>import–>web page and then type in the address.

similarly, I wasn’t able to drag and drop RTFs from DevonThink over to it either.

Nor was I able to drag and drop a PDF from Papers into Scrivener.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? I think drag and drop abilities are essential.



It looks like you hit all of the drag and drop faults in one go ;). The URL problem is discussed in the FAQ (Section III, #8), and it offers a few solutions to getting around the problem. Short answer, some browsers have bugs in the way they handle URLs.

As for DEVONthink, this is a known bug (I’m pretty sure) on DT’s side in how they handle dropped files. The two teams have actually been in communication over the matter, and the next version of DT should fix this.

It might very well be that Papers has the same error; I don’t know about that one.

Nothing like hitting the Trifecta the first time out!

Thanks for the explanation and link!