Problems with ePub export

Hello there! Hoping someone here can help me because I just cannot figure this out.

The chapters of my novel are all just titled with their number, but I have a few chapters interspersed that are like diary entries, where the chapter title has no number but is the date of the diary entry. All of the chapters are formatted in Scrivener, and on my export to ePub I am trying to preserve all the formatting I set within the text (throughout the novel there’s quite a lot of formatting - italics, bold, centering, so I figured preserving all of that is the best thing to do)

But for some reason, when I compile the document as an ePub and open it with Adobe Digital Editions, it all looks fine except those diary entries, where the justified text doesn’t work. Instead, the text there just runs on past the edge of the page. Yet every numbered chapter is fine, and fully justified.

What am I doing wrong?!

Text overflowing the page sounds like a known bug in Adobe Digital Editions where lines prefixed with a tab will become verbatim or pre-formatted blocks. Generally speaking you do not want to use tab stops for e-reader publishing. At best they won’t do anything, at worst you get bugs like this.