Problems with Find and Replace/Crashes

Hi, all,

Just bought Scapple - great programme at a fab price! thank you very much - but there seems to be a small problem with the Find and Replace.

When I select Replace All, it doesn’t replace all, though I’ve got the appropriate Options selected, i.e. Whole Word.

Also the last few times I’ve clicked Replace All, Scapple has crashed.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for purchasing Scapple, glad you’re enjoying it!

Could you provide some more details to reproduce the find and replace problem you’re seeing with Replace All? I did a quick test of this feature but it seems to be working as expected, so reproduction steps would be very helpful. In addition to the find options, be sure that you have the correct settings for the scope (all notes or only selected notes), and then if you could walk through an example so we can test this ourselves, that’d be great.

Likewise, if there are any specific steps leading up to the crash, that would be good to know. Please also check in your Scapple installation folder for the “minidump” folder there. If you could zip the contents (select them and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”) and attach that here or email it to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, along with your Windows version and a link to your post here or a quick explanation of the crash, the developer can take a look at that. Sadly the crash reports usually don’t give enough information to identify the problem, but now and then they will give a good clue, so it’s worth checking.

Just confirming I also get a crash when using ‘Replace All’ when the scope is set to ‘All Notes’.

I’ve checked the minidump folder but there are no files created for today. After the crash I have selected the option for Windows to send Microsoft a non-responsive program error report (if that helps?). I’m using Windows XP version 2002, Service Pack 3.