Problems with footnotes and Chinese

These came to light when using a test project in order to refine my styling macro in Nisus Writer Pro. So points 2 and 3 are when the resulting files are opened in NWP, Mellel 5 (RTF only; it won’t open a DOCX with two note streams!) and Pages (which doesn’t respect the fonts in the DOCX even though they are standard!)—I don’t have Word. The compile format is very basic with an H2 style and the no-style rendering as normal in NWP. The text has 4 Inspector Footnotes which compile as footnotes, and 1 Inline Footnote, which compiles as an endnote.
Here is a zipped folder which contains a small project with a single text document in Chinese, together with compiled versions to RTF and DOCX.
Chinese (284 KB)

  1. In the project itself, using a footnote marker—asterisk—instead of highlighted characters results in a “bong” and no footnote. In a larger version of the project with documents in English, footnote marking with an asterisk works as it always has done.

  2. In the compiled to RTF version

    • Text immediately following a footnote marker is superscripted over a random length, though not always,
  • Extra footnote(s) is/are created. They show as empty.

  • Later footnote text is included superscripted in the body of the text, not as a footnote at the bottom of the page.

  • The endnote appears as normal.

  1. The DOCX compile, using KBs converter, doesn’t have the superscripting problem, nor the spurious extra footnotes, but it seems to have an unnecessary return between the note reference and the text of the notes, in NWP, but not Pages
  2. In both compiles in NWP, there seems to be an extra period+space inserted just before the footnote text—this doesn’t happen with footnotes in English text.

I’ve tested this on both my MBP running 10.13.6, and my iMac running 10.15.6.

Bizarre, huh?