Problems with highlighting (when compiling, importing, etc.)


I’m completely lost with the highlighting functions - for example if I compile documents, the highlighting does NOT show up in the document created - this is a real problem for me as for certain types of work I use a complicated highlighting system.

Similarly, when copying/pasting (for example between Word and Scrivener, or Atlantis(.rtf) and Scrivener), the highlighting never shows up. I think I might have gotten the highlighting to work once by dragging/dropping a .doc file into Scrivener, but I just tried to do this and it didn’t even convert the text properly, let alone the highlighting (I checked and it’s definitely a .doc, nothing fancy). I just have no idea why this wouldn’t work, but it doesn’t.

Any help with this? Maybe there’s an easy fix but the compile menu has nothing about highlighting and I don’t know where else I could conceivably change such settings.

A similar problem is the color of links - I’m used to links being blue (since I use black-underline for something else) but if I export a blue link from Scrivener (I make them blue by copying them from the web to MS word to Scrivener!) it turns black again.

Found this in the manual:

I’ve tried compiling into both .doc and .rtf formats (.rtf is what I usually work with) and I get no highlighting whatsoever…

I did find that compiling to .PDF allows me to keep the highlighting, which partially solves the problem for printing purposes, but leaves the problem for the purposes of editing in other processors (and I will often edit in a different processor before printing).

Can I send this around one last time? Anybody know a way of exporting highlighted text out of Scrivener into .rtf or .doc? If I can’t do this, it’s going to cost me days of work and make it impossible to use Scrivener for some of my writing tasks in the future.

I just did an experiment with highlighting, and got the same results as you, until I compiled for PDF. That seems to preserve highlighting. I tried ODT, but word didn’t like it much; Open Office might work better at importing it (and then saving as .doc/.docx), but I don’t have that installed at the moment. Maybe using will do the trick?

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Good luck!