Problems with Indents

I copied and pasted in a large quantity of text from Pages into Scrivener so I could break it down into chapters. Here’s the problem: Sometimes hitting the tab key works just fine and it indents properly, but most of the time, it indents to half way across the page.

Sometimes, if I backspace to the end of the previous line then do a return and then tab, it straightens out and indents like it’s supposed to. But now, that’s not even working. I’m thinking it might be because I pasted it into Scrivener from Pages. But the copy from Pages was all block and had no previous indents. The indent works normally on Scrivener pages that do not contain pasted copy. I’m not sure how to fix this

Hi Teresa,

I’d go into , or if you only want to do it for this one project rather than globally. In that, set up your paragraphs exactly how you’d like them, with a first line indent set through the ruler if you want that, and the font and paragraph spacing you want to use.

When you’ve done that, open each chapter or appropriate chunk in turn as multiple scrivenings or select all the files in the Draft/Manuscript folder and choose .

That will give them a uniform paragraph style, but you’ll still have any tabs to deal with. With all the documents selected, choose or Cmd-F, and in the “Find” box do Opt-Tab (You have to use the opt key to type a tab in the Find dialog); leave the “Replace” box blank. Then either do a “Replace all” or go through them one by one. If the Find dialog gets hidden behind the main window Cmd-G will take you to the next instance.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Mark - that worked (even to getting rid of the unwanted tabs). Is there any way to override the indent for the first paragraph of each story?