Problems with Manual Download

When I open Scrivener I am asked to download the 1.9.6 update. When I click on the “download” box, it tells me that I must download the update from within the same account that I installed it.
I run 2 accounts on my Windows 10 machine: one as administrator and a separate account for my writing. The writing account is the one in which I use Scrivener and am trying to download the update.
If I go to my Administrator account, I can download Scrivener, but then I am prompted to start with a free trial (and eventually pay the fee to register).
How can I resolve these issues?

Ignore the auto-download prompt from the existing Scrivener version. Instead, go to L&L download site, and download the 1.9.6 Scriv file; move that install file to the account where you want it. Only then, double-click the install file to begin the installation. Your updated version will pick up your registration code, and all should be normal.

Thank you Graybyrd; What is the address of the (manual) “L&L download site”?

Simple. Go to the L&L opening screen, check the “Products” menu item, and choose Scrivener. Go to the Windows section. There’s the big Download Scrivener icon; that’s the latest version. Don’t worry about the “Demo” tag. It’s the full version. Download it, install it, and it will automatically find your registration data and run normally as a registered version. L&L has made this totally painless. Now you’re in business!

Thank you Graybyrd,

I saw that, even downloaded it etc., but I wasn’t sure that it served double duty, (full featured) demo (about which I knew) AND the routine version .x update.

Thx! I guess sometimes I can be too much a literalist.

I bet if you input the license key while logged on as administrator, the prompt about the trial will go away. My guess is that the license is stored in each Windows user’s account settings, rather than being stored system-wide. As a result, if you log in as a different user (the administrator), it doesn’t find the license key, and so goes into “trial mode”. Unless you have a lot of computers with your license installed on them, putting the license key into your admin account shouldn’t cause you any trouble.