Problems with OSX High Sierra


just thought you might appreciate an early look on the new OSX High Sierra, which doesn’t run Scrivener properly, i have a screenshot attached…

all other apps i have tested so far seem ok, so it really might be a scrivener problem rather than a bug in osx

looks like a problem with the constraints and should be easily fixable, maybe you’ll want to fix this early to stay up to date with the upcoming new os release before more authors can’t continue their work :wink:

Do you imagine KB is ignorant of the betas of each new version of the OS and doesn’t have the developers tools and documentation to deal with changes?


well excuse me for trying to be helpful, i wasn’t aiming to offend anyone least of all call them ignorant
if feedback is not appreciated here, i will refrain from reporting any more bugs.
good day, sir.

I’m sure Keith is on it, but considering that Keith has mentioned work is under way on Scrivener 3, it may be that Sierra is the last supported OS for Scrivener 2.

Note that in the past, Keith has said there’s very little point in him trying to update Scrivener to fix an early OSX beta bug, as those things tend to resolve themselves as the OSX beta matures, so I wouldn’t put too much effort into being helpful on that front just yet… :wink:

The same bug. And Ulysses crashes. Can only write with TextEdit or Word :slight_smile:

I know this wasn’t your intent, but…

DO NOT use a beta version of Mac OS on your primary (or only) machine. As this thread demonstrates, you are quite likely to encounter show stopping bugs.

As a matter of policy, Literature & Latte DOES NOT support beta versions of Mac OS. There is NO promise that such show stopping bugs will be fixed in a timely matter, or at all, before the general Mac OS release.

Put bluntly, if a beta version of Mac OS with an unsupported version of Scrivener eats your data, you are entirely on your own.

Sorry to be so strident, but every time a new release comes out we have a few people who have no idea what to expect from a beta version, get themselves into deep trouble, and are very sad that we can’t pull them out of the swamp. Don’t be that person.


I’m sure the op is a developer given that the 10.13 beta is only available to developers right now, and also given his comment about constraints, so I’m sure he is just testing it out for his own apps and dropped by here to let us know about a problem with Scrivener. marsh - I appreciate it, please don’t be downhearted! It’s just that as soon as the public beta goes live (which it hasn’t yet), there are always a lot of users panicking that Scrivener won’t work on it, because, as I’m sure you know, many users don’t realise how volatile early macOS betas can be.

Anyway, as Robert has said, I tend not to worry about bugs at this stage, and usually leave it until about a month before the OS release before panicking too much. In the past, I have spent hours fixing a bug introduced by Apple only to find they have have fixed the bug a month later and that I have to remove all that extra code.

In this case, constraints are not the problem, at least not any generated in IB, because Scrivener’s main UI does not yet use constraints, but springs and struts. Rather, it seems to be some new bug introduced into NSSplitView (which has always been temperamental). I see the same problem on High Sierra myself, although the good news (for me!) is that the problem is not present for the next major version of Scrivener that we plan to release this year. So it may well be that Sierra is the latest version of macOS that Scrivener 2 supports, depending on the timeline for our next release…

Many thanks and all the best,

And, in fact we just got an email to our support address from exactly this sort of user. sigh


thanks KB for the kind words.
you are absolutely right, i am a developer and just came across that on my test mac
no worries at all. looking forward to the future version!
please keep up the awesome work. you have no clue how much your product
is appreciated and what a huge life saver it has been to me in the past

If you really want to use scrivener while using High Sierra, I have found that if you click compose you can write in full screen. This I see as a temporary solution while we use the Beta OS.

High Sierra 10.13 Beta 2 (17A291j) - Scrivener works normally.

Excellent! I just installed beta 2 myself, and Scrivener 2 does indeed seem to be working now. Thanks for the heads up! (This is why I never panic with early macOS betas.)