Problems with project – can't be saved or converted to 2.0.

I have a project that was created in 1.5.4. For a while, it was accessed from a shared network drive. This file developed a problem that would throw an error saying, “The file could not be saved”. This file opens fine, I can see all the parts of it. However, it can’t be opened, can’t be backed up and can’t be converted to the new format.

Any ideas?

You say it “opens fine” but “can’t be opened” - I’m confused! Do you mean it can’t be saved? Where is the file located now? Is it on your local hard drive? It sounds as though it is still refusing to save for some reason - the first thing to do is to check the permissions of the file in the Finder (Get Info) - it may be that storing it on the shared network drive has messed them up at some point.

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My thought with the “opens”/“can’t be opened” confusion was that perhaps the .scriv package contents can be revealed successfully in the binder but the project itself won’t open in Scrivener? In which case perhaps the .scrivx file got corrupted or there’s a corrupted PDF or other file that’s causing it not to open?