Problems with saving on 2.0

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Hi, I have just downloaded my upgrade to 2.0 (congratulations on it BTW). Two strange things are happening. Firstly, all files now suddenly seem to have a bak file as well and I’m not sure if Scrivener is just doing that or if it was part of the new installation.

Secondly, I attach three screen shots showing what is happening when I ask a Scrivener project to save…First it says do I want to replace existing which I said yes to, then it does the other stuff. The third attachment shows the files it is throwing up.

I don’t seem to have lost anything but it is a bit confusing if you could help please.

I have the main Scrivener folder saved in a Mac Document Folder called Writing which contains everything to do with writing that is not on Scrivener. Could this be the problem?


What folder have you set as your backups folder (the .bak files are backups created by automatic backups). Check the Backup preferences. It looks to me as though you may have set it up to save backups in the same folder as the actual project, which I suppose could cause problems.

Let me know if that’s the case.


Thanks a lot. I was doing ‘save as’ and it would not go to the Project Folder - that’s when the ‘error’ messages popped up but went to the Mac Documents folder as ‘recovered’ but it was empty! I’ve now set ‘save as’ to Lilbrary/application support/Scrivener/bakups but as Scrivener is already saving bak files here, it is probably not necessary.

could I ask one other thing - I love the new templates for character and place in your new version…Is there any way they can be imported into existing projects. sorry to bother you when you are probably flat out with the new version but I must say I do love it :slight_smile:

Sure, these are just ordinary files that have been placed into a document template folder. To transfer them to an existing project, drag the template folder (the one with a big blue ‘T’ and nothing else) from one binder to another. Then in the older project, select it and use Project/Set Selection as Templates Folder and you should be good to go.

Thanks, now the Templates are transferred…I have another question. I have spent hours today trying to customise fonts and colours (part of my learning more about Scrivener anyway) but although I have done that, although all projects now look the same, there is one which will simply not change the ‘cards’ on the corkboard to the colour I have selected. I am unable to find whether I have clicked on something in that project to prevent it…If you can help, please tell me what to do.

My guess: you have View/Use Label Color In/Index Cards enabled in that project, and its an older project that still has a legacy default label set up in it with the colour as white. This will “tint” the card white on white, making it impossible to change via that preference. When index card tinting is turned on, and the card has a label, the background is set to white instead of the base colour preference, so that tinting doesn’t produce a muddy result.

You are too clever. I unclicked ‘use label colour’ and, bingo, yellow cards. They are not quite as yellow as in the newer projects but they are not ‘dirty’ looking. Thanks heaps.

No problem!