Problems with Script elements

Script elements disappeared. Worked fine and then when I opened UK script that I was working on
it had changed and lost Scene Action, Character Dialogue etc. In my panic I went to format and overwrote current
script settings. I was too bloody quick and failed to see save setting as it is a decision that can’t be changed. Of course
that is where I am now. Please let me know if there is a way to undo what I have just done. Can I download Scrivener 3 again and will it be okay… Panic is on now. Also not sure why it lost its elements in the first place. Any help please???
Thanks, Diana

It’s hard to say if the conversion can be undone as it depends on precisely what happened. One thing worth consideration is that it might be easier to restore from the last backup, as it sounds like the problem was first discovered upon opening the project, meaning that it had been closed and by default a backup is created whenever you close. Hence the version before the conversion would be intact—and if the edits were light before that point, you might even find a copy that still has the elements recognised as you expect.

You’ll find tips on restoring from backups in the user manual, §5.2.4, Restoring from Backups, pg. 66. Since backups are separate projects in their own right, you can open both the backup and your current project at once, and maybe even just copy and paste sections to restore them, rather than choosing one to replace the whole current project with. That can be a useful approach if you find a few scenes that need to be restored but have done a lot of work elsewhere since then.

As for how elements work in Scrivener as a theory, they work entirely upon formatting. So long as a line is formatted in a way that the script settings would format an element, and the document itself is a scriptwriting document (yellow page icon instead of white, in the binder), then it should be recognised. What that means is that if the formatting is slightly altered it can cause elements to become “General”, or unrecognised. It also means that the problem might be as simple as toggling scriptwriting mode back on in a document (⌘8). If that got switched off, then it’s no big deal, elements should be recognised upon switching it back on.