Problems with Scrivener comic script template

Although there is no universal format for comic scripts, any comic script, at its most basic, is supposed to look something like this:

Scrivener doesn’t follow this basic convention. Using the default template with the autocount feature, the panel count doesn’t “reset” when there’s a new page. You instead get something that looks like:

I’d appreciate if someone could confirm how this is supposed to work. It looks to me like the intention was that as the “PAGE <$N>” string changes, the
“PANEL <$SN>” becomes a new unique string and the panel auto numbering starts over on the new page, but I fooled around with Scriviner on Mac something like a year ago for a short time (I don’t own a mac) and I think I encountered the same problem.

The documentation that comes with the template states

Which I guess could be interpreted ambiguously. Whatever the intent, as far as I can tell the current template is unusable for panel auto numbering. No artist is going to want to work with the default template scrivener’s auto numbering feature produces.