Problems with scrivener statistics

Hello everybody,

I’m writing from germany and I’m using the german version of Scrivener, so please excuse any misspelling and/or bad translations.

As you can see in the attached screenshot (unfortunately not – no upload allowed) of my writing history I’m writing in two categories, “draft” and “other”, but I have no idea how to switch between these categories or how to assign a paragraph to a category. I did not realize how and when the categories changed during writing.

Ok, it’s kind of a luxury issue but I’m sure there must be a simple trick to solve it.

Thanks a lot for help!

“Draft” means everything that is in the Draft folder (sometimes called Manuscript, depending on which template you used). In other words, the actual text of your manuscript.

“Other” is simply everything else. Words you add to notes, character descriptions etc.

Thanks for your reply.

But no, every single written word I wrote in the Manuscript folder. I didn’t even touch any other folder because I’m not familiar with all these features. I just started using Scrivener and wrote and wrote…

How did you set up these “categories”? I’ve never heard of that feature.

There are two such columns in the writing history dialog.

And from what I know, it’s exactly as I explained above. “Draft” is everything in your manuscript, “other” is what you write in other files, outside of the Draft/Manuscript folder

Yes, thats it, looks the same here.

Except I wrote every single word into my manuscript.
Nevertheless there are hundreds of words in the category “other”.

btw: how can I place a jpg in my post? If I try to use the “Upload” button, system says: “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

I didn’t set up any categories, they just showed up in my writing history. And I have no idea why some texts or paragraphs are counted as “Draft” and others as “Other”

Check your Binder to make sure that you haven’t accidentally placed something at the wrong outline level. A quick way to do this is to click the triangle to collapse the draft folder.

Also check the “tag” pane of the Inspector to make sure “Include in Compile” is checked for the new documents.

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See Section 20.1.4 in the manual for a full discussion of the Writing History feature, including the Draft/Other distinction.

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Okay, thanks a lot, I’ll check the manual!

The Binder triangle and the “Include to compile” box are fine, it must be something else…

Okay, just checked the section in the manual. But I still do not understand how I can assign a piece of text as “Draft”. Today I continued writing in my document and again, the words were counted as “Other”. I worked in the same chapter a yesterday night and yesterday it was in “Draft”, today it’s “Other”.

Sorry I can still not upload pictures to illustrate this.

There is nothing to “assign”, really. Every file and folder under the top-level Manuscript (or Draft) folder will be counted in the “Draft” section. If the file is elsewhere, it will be counted under “Other”.

If you click on the triangle before the Draft/Manuscript folder, the files that disappear are what will be counted under “Draft”. Everything that stays will be counted under “Other”. Does that help?

No, not really, thanks anyways.
All my stuff that I ever wrote is in the manuscript folder, there is nothing else, not a single word.
Nevertheless, Scrivener counts thousands of words as “Other”.
Sorry that I cannot show you a picture.
Seems to be a bug.

I’ve boosted your trust level to allow you to post images.

Three that might be helpful:

  • The Binder.
  • The Contents pane of the main File → Compile screen.
  • The Project → Statistics → Options tab.
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Attached you see some pics, I hope it helps to find out what my problem is.

The German word “Sonstiges” stands for “Other”.

Nothing here, please see pic. Never touched it.

Also check Back Matter. It’s too bad you didn’t show more of the contents pane.

Sorry, I would love to show you everything that helps but I do have some language problems.

As I said I did only write into the manuscript, no front, no back, no nothing else.

No idea why Scrivener counts some of my writing in “Other”/“Sonstiges”.
I mean there are literally thousands of words in “Other”.

Template sheets and research? I never pay any attention to word counts, so I’m not full of ideas here.

I think I found it.

When I insert a new scene, it seems to be by default “Other”, until I open the Compile-Window and tick the checkbox for this scene. Only then the scene will be counted as “Draft”.

The problem is that if Scrivener has started counting words of a scene as “Other”, it will continue to count them as “Other”, even if I put the scene into the compilation.

@kewms can you comprehend this?

Is the “include in Compile” flag checked for the parent document/folder?

Are you using a template document, and if so is the flag checked for the template?