problems with scrivener/word/printing

hello. I am currently trying to compile a draft in word format in scrivener and print. The draft compiles fine and shows up as requested on my desktop. I open it fine. However when I go to print or indeed do anything else (change a font) with it I get a spinning disc that I cannot even force quit. When I open a new document in word this does not happen. However when I cut and paste my draft from a rich text version imported from scrivener also on the desk top I get the same spinning disc in word. I have not had this particular problem before in two years of using scrivener. Could there be something in the (text only) document that could be causing this? Needless to say I am going crazy. Thanks in advance for your help.

ps am i the only one who can never find the way to put up a new topic?

What happens if you try using Save As from Word and saving the compile out to a completely new file that Word itself has created?

thanks amber if i have understood you right this can’t solve my problem because i cant open the document in word to ‘save as’ because as soon as i do i get the spinning disc. :frowning: i am also still getting huge parts of the text (parts that are just in the normal times i use, nothing fancy or different) coming up in shadowed text when i compile my draft…

Does the document open in TextEdit? Which version of Word are you using? To me this sounds more like a Word problem, but you could always zip up your project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’ll take a look.
Thanks and all the best,

Dear keith, yes the document does open in text edit (rtf?) and i can successfully print from that but I lose the margins etc. Have also tried opening in text edit and cutting and pasting to word but then that sends the disc spinning. It may be a word problem of course. I think it is an old version. Of course the point of having beloved scriv is to NOT do all this faffing so I will zip up and send to you, and perhaps you could also check out why large portions come out in shadowed text? thank you so much as always for your support. Ruth

Keith, A friend has just opened the rtf draft I sent her in current word and a warning came up - something problematic in the document about tables? She had the same spinning disk and had to restart her computer. (There is only text as far as I know in there, no tables) so it looks like after all the problem is not with my ancient word. If you like I can get her to send me the exact message that comes up? thanks, ruth

Hi Ruth,

I’m still waiting for your Scrivener project - you said you were going to send it to me. That’s still the best thing to do, as the RTF file or the message won’t let me see what the problem is in the project itself.

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith, I did send it immediately. Will try again.