Problems with Scrivener

Hello there,

My problem is that whenever I attempt to even use Scrivener in any format it sort of just freezes up. None of the keys work. When I hover the mouse over the tool bar it lights up, but otherwise it is unresponsive. There are occasions when it will temporarily work but then it will simply freeze up again.

Please help! I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance for any help.

Are you using any kind of tablet input device? Although this is definitely on our list, Scrivener currently doesn’t have real support for tablets, and this sounds like the issue most users get when trying.

If that’s not the case, could you let us know what version of Windows your are using and the exact steps for reproducing your problem? It sounds like you are able to at least get a project to open, but at that point the program goes unresponsive? Are you working with an existing project or have you started a new one? (The size of the project might be making a difference here, if it’s an existing one.) Do you get any error messages, or do you notice that the project window’s title bar has “Not Responding” appearing after the project name?

I am in fact using a tablet setup. Is there some way in which I can work around that or should I disconnect my tablet while I am writing?

Glad to know that there is anything wrong with Scrivener though!

You’ll probably need to disconnect the tablet, unless you have multiple input options and have a separate mouse and so forth that you can configure for using with Scrivener. I’m not super familiar with tablet models myself; if yours has an on/off status while remaining plugged in, that should be fine too to just switch it to off while in Scrivener so it’s not interfering. Like I said, this is on the list–we’d really like to include proper tablet support, and it just wasn’t feasible for the 1.0 timeline, but this is something Lee will be able to look into for 1.x updates.

That seems to help. I unplugged my tablet and now it is running very smoothly. Thank you so much for the help! I was getting so frustrated that I almost just gave up. Thanks again and have a nice day, and or night.

Glad you’ve got things working! And please don’t hesitate to post any other questions–much better just to ask than to start throwing things at the computer. (Or throwing the computer itself. Trust me. Although science experiments involving gravity and irksome hardware can be satisfying, to a point…:slight_smile:)

Just want to say I had this exact same problem. Scrivener was mostly unresponsive to the mouse. I’m using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, and after reading this post I plugged in my old mouse and Scrivener works as it should. Lots of bugs associated with these tablets I’m noticing. Even Adobe Lightroom doesn’t play nice with this tablet, and that’s the whole reason I got it. Uhhg…
Anyways, looking forward to this bug fix, thanks!

That has not been my experience. I hate the mouse and use a Wacom table for ALL my programs–including Scrivener-- and have not had any problems, except for a VERY early beta.