Problems with Spellcheck in Scrivener for Mac

I have a Project to spellcheck, so about 50 files within the same folder. I believed I could spellcheck the entire folder, when I select the folder it won’t offer me ‘Spellcheck Document Now’. When I select a single file, it allows me to select ‘Spellcheck Document Now’ and highlights a word but then the box for ignore/add etc doesn’t show. Please advise.

AFAIK you have to have the cursor in the editor for the Spell Check Now feature to work.

Highlight the folder — if the editor starts to show all fifty files (ie you’re already in Scrivenings ‘virtual view’ mode), click in the Editor and Spell Check Now (cmd-; ). If it’s not showing the 50 files, you need to turn the Scrivening view on — using cmd-1 is the easiest way — make sure the cursor’s in the first doc, then press cmd-; as above.

I think Spell Check Now is the quick and dirty ‘cycle through the words with squiggly red lines’ option. To add/ignore the word right click on it and you’ll be given the option to Ignore Spelling / Learn Spelling.

If you want the dialogue box approach, then I think you need Show Spelling and Grammar instead. I think (but I’m not sure) this is the default behaviour for spelling across the Mac, not just in Scrivener.


Thanks brookter. It was bringing up the multiple docs in cork board format, hadnt appreciated the need for Scrivenings view,