Problems with Substitutions?

Hi guys,

Apologies if this is something super obvious, I’ve looked at the known issues and recent posts and just can’t figure this out!

I use the Substitutions tool to save my achey hands typing out long words/phrases. On my previous laptop I had a list of words that I substituted and when I installed Scrivener on my new laptop I copied these over (short list) so I could do the same.

This worked at first, but randomly it stopped working for one work. I type “myc” which should substitute to “Mycenaean”. For some reason, this comes up as "Mycaenaean ", which isn’t right (extra “a” after the first “c”).

So I deleted it, made sure I copy-pased the correct spelling in and applied and saved. It does the same thing.

It’s not a conflict with any of the pre-loaded substitutions, I’ve tried clearing the custom word list and it’s unlikely it’s a problem with the other substitutions I’ve added (mostly the names of Greek gods) . I also tried moving it to the top and the bottom of the list to see if that did anything.

The rest of the substitutions work fine. If I turn off substitutions, “myc” just gives me “Myca”,

I feel like I might be missing something obvious, but I’m just not finding it! Any ideas?