Problems with sync in ios

I have read and re-read posts, tutorials, help files and YouTube videos to no avail. I took all Scrivener folders out of DropBox on the computer, opened the .scriv files I had saved in documents in the updated Scrivener to make sure they would be compatible with ios and re-loaded them into Dropbox using Finder and drag and drop. I uninstalled my ios Scrivener app and re-installed it on the ipad and iphone. When I use the sync arrows on ios, it still says Dropbox is up to date, no matter what folders I have added or deleted. The Dropbox file where the Scrivener files are stored is …Dropbox/apps/Scrivener, just as it should. Am I missing something? I seem to be able to save and read .rtf files, but not .scriv files. There are no .rtf files in either place now, not on Dropbox and not in Scrivener ios. There are four .scriv folders in my Dropbox that don’t show up on the ipad when I sync. My ipad screen shows Projects label, Edit label, and Dropbox label saying tap Edit to drag projects into Dropbox, (grayed out). I watch the Dropbox icon to make sure files are uploaded. Two tutorials in Projects aren’t helping at all, and a light bulb tutorial and ?Getting help. On the other side of the split screen is +Create a project, Tutorial and Tutorial-1. I have been trying to make this work for two days now and no luck. Do I need to break this down into small .rtf files to work on? I don’t see anything on the ipad that looks familiar to the Desktop Scrivener, and nothing to navigate. I am bewildered and frustrated. Can somebody help me that is getting Scrivener ios to work? And tell me how they did it?

You can try the simple procedure mentioned here: [url]]

This almost too simple sounding, but it works, because it corrects Scrivener’s binder list of files, which it’s known now may not come through the conversion properly, sometimes. It always looks good on full Scrivwner, but may not on iOS Scrivener. This will be fixed soon, but the meantime, this safe workaround has looked good on the problem.

Ok. Good fortune on this, as I think often to say.


I have accessed and moved folders within Scrivener by way of Dropbox and edited some text, saved the changes, watched Dropbox for the changes to load, closed Scrivener, opened Scrivener on ipad, tapped sync button, same thing. No changes. I attached the ipad to the desktop computer with a usb cable, navigated to iTunes, linked the apps for sharing, same thing. The text files work in uploading to Simplenote but not Scrivener. Next question, if I make changes to my text in Simplenote and sync across platforms (desktop/ipad) will I be able to import the changes to Scrivener via text and then convert them to .scriv? What I mean is, if I make changes to the ipad version via dropbox in Simplenote, can I get those changes back into Scrivener on the desktop and update the Scrivener version that way? So far nothing in Dropbox shows up in Scrivener ios. When I sync it just says Dropbox is up to date. I do NOT want my money back, I just want the dang thing to work!

Oh… Are you saving the project to Apps/Scrivener or are you using the File->Sync with->External folder ?

When you mention Simplenote all warning bells start ringing…

You should not move anything on the Mac using the Dropbox app or Dropbox online version. You move it within Finder!

Just treat it as any normal Scrivener project! You don’t even have to move it anywhere if you already have it in a subfolder under the Dropbox folder in Finder. Just point you iPad to the folder under Dropbox where you have your projects!

Ok, I shouldn’t have included anything about Simplenote, it won’t read .scriv files anyway. I use it occasionally for notes on the fly. What did work was to unlink dropbox from ios Scrivener and then re-link dropbox to ios Scrivener. The files all loaded then, on both the ipad and the iphone. Unlinking and re-linking must have re-set something. It all works now. And I will heed the warning about Finder. Thanks so much!

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your mobile writing! :slight_smile: