problems with uploading manuscript onto amazon kindle

I’d be really grateful if someone could help me with my first attempt to upload onto Amazon.

  1. I’ve loaded from scrivener by compiling through kindle gen. When a preview comes up I have two pages out of nowhere headed Chapter Two and Chapter Three before the prologue begins on 3rd page - how do I get rid of those two pages.
  2. The manual tells me my cover has to be in the binder of my project. I’ve put it in the search folder and within the manuscript and immediately before the manuscript folder but it only comes up if it is within the manuscript. It doesn’t show at the first page of the manuscript instead I get contents page as first page with cover listed at top of contents.

Right now, unless you are happy with the given output, what Scrivener produces for e-books is something you’ll need to touch up in an e-book editor after output. I recommend using the ePub format and Sigil (which is a pretty easy to learn how to use) for this process. Once the ePub file has been modified to your expectations, you can use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer software to open it. It will automatically convert the file to .mobi for you, and display the preview as it will appear on various Kindle models.

Just so you know, we’ve got plans for improving this over time. Our goal is get as close as is reasonably possible to a once-click solution. That can’t be true for every scenario, but adjusting the ToC is definitely one area which will be improved.