Processing Cookies (not Oreos, Fig, Choc Chip ...)


Do I need to protect any software/processing cookies for Scrivener to work, on my PC or the site?
(Other than to be ‘remembered’ by the Forum? … for that, I’m in the habit of logging in/out of sites.)

Merely checking: Though one might not know it from looking at my OS’ cookie folders, I try to limit the number of those that persist, generally otherwise cleaning up with each OS boot.


Scrivener performs a one-time activation when you first register, and checks periodically to make sure your license key is still authorized. But otherwise it has no need for internet access or cookies at all.


Thank you Katherine,

Actually, had I typed longer … ‘registration’ was to be my ‘for instance’.

Following up: If I delete all 5 literatureandlatte cookies (one+ of which is likely for my Forum activity that day or remembrance)
and the 3 cookies (left over from the purchase?),
when I next boot Windows, will the registration check down the road sometime get :open_mouth: whatever?

(Indirectly related: I’m about to get two new PCs, a desktop and a laptop for me to use when I travel; I know the license allows me to install Scrivener on more than one non-contemporaneous machine :smiley: , but is the registration process going to get ‘curious’ :angry: about 4 machines? (Actually, the older 2 PCs will be retired. :frowning: ))