Producing a document to share

I want to collaborate with someone using Windows. Since Mac’s can’t read Scrivener for Windows files yet I thought the best thing to do would be to send a single document that the the other person could add highlighted comments to.

The problem seems to be:
If I use Export then all of the formats produce only individual files.
If I use Compile then the format produced is only PDF which is not a good method for collaboration. (Also this is cumbersome because you can’t choose to print the scrivenings you have highlighted. You have to go into the checkboxes for each file.)
If I use the normal combining of scrivenings then I lose the scrivening name. Which is going to be important.

Is there anyway to use Scrivener that produces a single document that preserves the scrivening names and folder hierarchy?

Thank you for your help. I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately. It will die down soon.

Provided that you’re using 2.x on the Mac, the files are compatible. It’s not perfect yet, as the Windows version is still in beta, so you may still want another alternative, but generally speaking you can work on a project on both platforms.

You can choose any number of formats to compile to, including .rtf which is excellent for this sort of thing. Just make your selection from the “Compile For” dropdown at the bottom of the Compile dialogue.

In the Contents section of Compile, you can choose from the dropdown by the top what section of the draft you want to compile, including “Current Selection.” This will flatten the hierarchy, however–everything will be in the proper order but there won’t be folder levels, so if that matters to you (the ability to denote subsections automatically with the title numbering or to format documents at different levels differently) then you’re better off choosing from the dropdown the folder that contains all the documents you want to compile as narrowly as possible and then deselecting anything you don’t want.

Make your selections in the Binder. Open Compile and choose to compile to .rtf. Choose to compile the Current Selection. In the Formatting pane of compile, select to include both text and titles.
compile settings.png

You might want to check out chapter 25 in the manual for more details on Compile as well for any other adjustments you may want to make.

Thank you MimeticMouton it looks like I’ll be able to collaborate and your post was very helpful. I managed to make a lot of mistakes in a short space.
The Mac-Pc sharing issue was based on this post: but I’ll test it out myself.
I had no good reason for thinking it would only compile to PDF.
I missed the “selection” choice because I have a ton of scrivenings. I’ll probably do a feature request for “selection” it to be above the complete list of scrivenings…