Producing Endnotes at the end of a chapter

Hi there,

my apologies, its my first experience of using Scrivener for anything other than playwriting. I’ve been asked to produce an academic journal for a project.

Exporting to PDF is fine, but my biggest issue with it is the endnotes for the end of a chapter. I need the endnotes to each of the separate chapters to restart at 1 each time and appear at the end of each section.

Furthermore to this, is there any way to remove the line break and add a heading to the endnotes section?

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!


There are no settings that would achieve what you’re looking for out of the box, but this kind of stuff is typically very easy to implement in your word processor after you compile. In Pages, for example, you can set up this kind of reset numbering per section with a couple of clicks.