Product Activation Required

After the last version update, I get

Is there a fix?

I have the exact same thing happening.

This is caused by a permissions conflict on your machine, and yes, it’s easy to fix. I’m putting some code into Scrivener for 2.4.1 that will walk users through this fix automatically, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate /Library/Application Support in the Finder (if you’re not sure how, use the “Go to Folder…” feature from the “Go” menu, type this path in and hit “Go”).

  2. Inside /Library/Application Support, locate the folder entitled “MindVision” and move it to the Trash.

  3. Now locate the ~/Library/Application Support folder in the Finder (where the tiled represents your home directory). On 10.7 and later, this folder is hidden, so you can either use the “Go to Folder…” feature in Finder’s “Go” menu, or hold down Option while the “Go” menu is open to reveal the “Library” menu item, which will take you to ~/Library.

  4. Again, locate the “MindVision” folder inside ~/Library/Application Support and move it to the Trash.

Note that the “MindVision” may not be in both locations - it may only be in one location. Either way, move what you find to the Trash.

Now restart Scrivener. It will ask you to activate again, but that should be the final time. Quit and restart again and you should no longer be prompted for activation.

Out of interest, are you both on machines that have in the past run versions of OS X earlier than 10.7, but which have been updated to 10.7 or 10.8? I ask because the problem seems to be caused by permissions changes with 10.7 which are conflicting with the updated eSellerate libraries in Scrivener on some machines 2.4 (Scrivener uses these third-party libraries for registration and activation).

As I say, I’ve worked to ensure this is resolved quickly and in-app in the future, but this should get you up and running again.

Let me know how you go.

All the best,


I forget if I upgraded my OS X I’m afraid.