Product activation


I’ve purchased Scriv some months ago. Now updated to the new 1.52. Now evertime I start I get a dialog box saying my sn is not activated as it can’t connect to eSellerate servers. I have no clue why this is failing - do I have see this dialog for the rest of my Scrivner life?

Is there any way to go directly to somewhere and enter something
to say I’m not a pirate or the like? :unamused:

=Alan R.

There’s a thread a little down the page that seems to deal with the same problem –

Take a look and see if it helps.



Sorry you’re having this problem. Could you please send me your serial, user name and a quick description of the problem again to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and CC support AT esellerate DOT net (note the “.net”) so that they can look into it too. A handful of users have reported something similar.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
All the best,