Product Key? Amazon only provided "activation code"

I purchased Scrivener on on 14 October 2013. They provided me an “activation code” which I tried to use after downloading when asked for a “product key.” This did not work.

I contacted amazon and they said all they have is the activation code - no product key. How can I activate my paid version of the software?

My activation code

Your user name rings a bell, which suggests that I may already have replied to the direct email that you sent to our support address. If that was indeed your enquiry, but you haven’'t received that message, please check your spam folder as my email contained more specific information related to your purchase than I can include here on an open forum.

Your email from Amazon should contain a link to a web page which you need to visit, in order to generate your Scrivener licence. You can retrieve this (and your activation code, if necessary) from “Your Games and Software Library” on the Amazon website.

Please visit the website indicated in the information received from Amazon, enter your activation code, then follow the instructions to complete the process required to generate your licence.

If you need any further help, please contact us directly on sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

All the best,