Program freezes when any backup/save as attempt[NOTED]

I am having the issue already noted regarding nested files whenever I try to back up my project, either as a zip or regular folder. The program freezes and I have to close it via the Windows task manager. When I try to Save as, the dialogue box doesn’t give me any options except “All files”, which is obviously useless. Attempting to export the project also resulted in the program freezing.

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron laptop, and I’m on the 1.0 beta version. Currently I’m backing up manually by C&P-ing into a Word document. I’m unwilling to upgrade to the 1.3 beta version (which doesn’t address this issue anyway, as far as I can tell from other posts) without a proper project backup, in case I lose the project!

Thanks for any help with this! Apart from the nerve-wracking lack of backup, I am really liking the software.

1.3 has a backup that works properly. It is under the File menu farther down from the “Save As”.
It’s “Backup Project To”. Clicking this brings up a menu, that has your project name, time and date included. The Browse button allows you to choose where to place the backup.

Scrivener saves the project in a folder with you project’s name i.e. _______.scriv.
Never alter anything inside this folder as it contains your project definitions and numbered .rtf files.

To access a backup in the File menu, Choose Open project. You have to follow the appropriate path to your backup files.
Look for the date and time for the latest folder.
Double-click on the folder you want. It will open, revealing the contents. You will see the Scrivener Icon with the word “project” beside it.
Click on this and it will appear in the Filename box. (You can double-click the icon as well).
Click Open.
Your Backup is ready to use.
Rename it if you like.

The “Backup Project To” will always time and date stamp the backup file. It will not replace or erase any of the previous backup folders.

It is good to have a specific path of your choosing for your backups. Rather than letting Scrivener use its default location. It could be on the same drive or another drive. Even a flash drive.

Similarly, it is good practice to have each of your separate projects in their own separate folders. You can build the path and folder structures beforehand using Windows Explorer or My Computer.

I think “Save As” and “Backup Project To” fails on some computers because Scrivener is unable to build a path while saving. This may work better in a later release of Scrivener. The Scrivener people should be able to answer this.

Try building your paths first in Windows Explorer or My Computer. Then save your Scrivener Projects along those paths. It works for me.

I have numerous projects on the go. Each in its own folder path.
i.e. Documents>Scrivener Projects>Murder1>Murder1.scriv
Documents>Scrivener Projects>Murder2>Murder2.scriv
M:/Documents>Scrivener Projects Backups>Murder1>murder1.scriv (date and time)
M:/Documents>Scrivener Projects Backups>Murder2>murder2.scriv (date and time)

Always keep the _______.scriv folder intact or you will lose the file definitions which will prevent Scrivener from recognizing the files.

“Save As” does not automatically date and time stamp the project folder.

Get Scrivener 1.3. It is worth it. Things are only going to get better as the team works towards the full release of Scrivener.

I’m just a new Scrivener user sharing what I have discovered. I am very pleased with how Scrivener works for me. Hoping this helps.

Along with that, personally I always check the option to save as zip. Then it is all in a nice single file to move from machine to machine and archive as needed.

1.3 beta is certainly a must. Some major fixes were rolled out in 1.1 and somewhere along the way the backup function was tweaked/fixed as well.