Program just shuts down after a couple of sentences

I apologize for starting a thread but I have been searching for similar problems all day without success. It may be here but I made a (very) good faith effort to locate information prior to bothering everyone.

I am a new Scrivener user but experienced computer user. I am running Win 10 on a Sony I7, quad core with 16 GB ram so should have sufficient power.

I have a manuscript with about 10,000 words and quite a few footnotes but not a lot of other junk in it. Suddenly, last night, the program shut down. I cannot find any crash reports, it opens again just fine, but every time I get to about two sentences, down it goes.

There are the interventions I have tried.

  1. Cleaned my computer to verify that I had enough space.
  2. Looked for “junk” in the file by exporting it as RTF, also verified that all footnotes were in the appropriate format (e.g. right click and select convert to default formatting.
  3. exported and created a new file but it crashes too.
  4. removed the ini file and it still crashes.
  5. tried other and new projects, they crash leading me to believe I did not import junk into any one particular file.
  6. verified that I had the most recent version of the program.
  7. uninstalled and reinstalled the program.
  8. Verified that no other programs (e.g. word, firefox, etc.) were crashing.
  9. Ran a compatibility check as the adminstrator and did not find any conflicts.
  10. verified that the “glitch” with avast (which I use) is no longer an issue as it was in 2010 and 2014.
  11. searched log files for crash reports both on Windows and the program and cannot find any.

I did NOT run it in safe mode because I don’t want to have to write in safe mode.

I hope this is something someone else has learned to fix because I was so enjoying writing in the program and I need to keep writing. I have a deadline.

Hi callan,

Welcome to the forums, and sorry that you’re having this issue.

You may want to email the support team directly about it:

What version are you running?

Also, it might shed some light on the situation if you try running Scrivener in Safe Mode. The idea isn’t that you’d always have to run in Safe Mode, but to determine whether there is something else on your PC that’s interfering with Scrivener. If Scrivener runs fine in Safe Mode, than that is likely the case.



As Jim said, contacting tech support might be your best option, but here are a few things to try.

First: You should restart in safe mode and try it. If that works, you don’t live in safe mode, but you have determined that there is a conflict between scrivener and something non-standard that is running on your machine. By non-standard I just mean something that doesn’t come with generic Windows. Safe mode stops most startup programs and replaces drivers with very generic ones. Whether it crashes in safe mode is very useful information. After that, you can choose what programs load, so if it works in safe mode, you can add half the startup programs and pursue a search for the culprit.

  1. I’d check with Sony and see if they have updated any of the drivers for you computer. The problem could be Scrivener doing something the video driver doesn’t like for example. This issue may have been fixed.

  2. I assume all your files are being stored locally on your computer, not on the Internet or even an external usb or network drive. Again, we are trying to figure out the problem, not force you to live this way forever. The idea is to limit the variables. We know that normally Scrivener works in Windows 10 and the vast majority of people don’t have a problem, so what is different with your setup?

  3. You can do a Microsoft system file check to see if some part of Windows is corrupted and should be replaced. Microsoft compares your files to known good ones. - Do an administrative command prompt and enter: sfc /scannow
    sfc is for system file check and it is built into Windows.

You’ve done a great job taking many important and useful checks and also recording them so you know what you’ve done, but a few more might be all that’s needed. If not, they might speed up the process of tech support solving the issue.