Program locks up while syncing

I have just run into a strange problem. I’ve been syncing with an external folder in Dropbox to use with Plain Text for iPad. Today, when I went to sync, the sync stopped about halfway through. I had to Force Quit. Have tried a couple more times, same result.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much.

I am having the same problem as well.

The syncing hangs on file 12 sometimes 13 when backing up. Could this have to do with the font I am using? I am using ‘Cochin’. Are certain fonts not compatible with .txt files or plaintext in general?

The only way I use Dropbox is with the Scrivener File: Backup: Backup To… command, and then I always check the box by “Backup as ZIP file.” Using this method, I’ve never had a stall or miscommunication with Dropbox. I suggest that you try this method and see how it works.

Cochin is a perfectly normal font and shouldn’t be the problem, unless your particular copy has corrupted — try clearing “Font Cache” — if you think that’s the problem. Most compiling and saving issues seem to come from graphics and PDFs which can get corrupted quite easily. Does your page 13 have a graphic on it, or have you recently imported a graphic or PDF. If so, you might try deleting that, see if it compiles and then re-import if the problem has gone away.

Beyond that, I’ll leave it to the experts, who no doubt will be along soon.


If it is always halting at one particular spot, then chances are there is something in the file causing the halt that is crashing the output engine. Fonts shouldn’t be an issue because .txt just completely ignores them, but something like a corrupted graphic file could cause the engine to halt. You’d likely also get a halt with compiling. So what I’d do is check your sync folder and find the last file Scrivener successfully exported. Open it and make sure it is complete from top to bottom, then go back to Scrivener and find the next file in the list below it (it might be a folder, if it has a text badge on its icon) and scroll through that for any graphics. If there are none, I’d copy and paste the contents into a plain-text editor like TextWranger or TextMate that will show odd Unicode characters as a symbol rather than invisible. If you find any, delete them in the text editor, then copy and paste the paragraph back into Scrivener.

Compile works just fine.

When I sync with an external folder, it sticks at the same place every time (22). I tried deleting the file labeled 22 in the synced text directory, but when I ran sync again, it hung up in the same place. I’m assuming file 22 is the one marked 22, but maybe not.

And, I have no graphics, just text in all my files.


It could be something else, perhaps a bug. You’re going to need to approach it from the Scrivener side though, I doubt it is a problem with the exported file. What you need to do is find #21 in the binder. #22 ought to be the one right “below” it (or maybe you mean 22 is successful and it is 23 that halts; whatever the case, find the halting one by looking at the content of the last file that successfully exports). I mean that literally, in a non-outline sense. The next item in the list no matter where it is in the hierarchy. The next one that has text content. Try “cleaning” that file out as suggested with a plain-text editor, in Scrivener, then delete the sync folder and try again.

Rather than try to suss out which particular text had gotten corrupted, I did the following.
Unchecked the sync boxes in the Sync with External Folder dialogue.
Deleted all the Plain Text Files.
Re-enabled sync.
That seemed to work

Obviously, this requires your latest group of changes to be present on the Scrivener side of the sync, but other than that, should eliminate any stray code or symbols that are causing problems.

Hopefully, the files won’t get corrupted again.

Thanks for the suggestions!