Program won't open! [ADDITIONAL INFO]

I have Windows Vista and Scrivener works fine for my computer, but on some days, it just refuses to open. I click on the link to open it and everything comes up fine, but when I want to type, the program freezes and is “Not Responding” and I usually have to force quit it when Windows can’t find a solution. It does this on and off & it’s very annoying since I’ve spent nearly 45 minutes trying to make the program open.

When it opens, it works like a lamb. When it “doesn’t respond”, it’s the most frustrating thing ever.


Is there any error message that is displayed when Scrivener doesn’t open?

How are you launching Scrivener?


No error messages. Nothing. It opens and then freezes immediately. And it does this inconsistently too. Sometimes, not always. o_O

I’m opening my backup file & double-clicking on project.

Have you upgrade to beta 1.3?

Can you reproduce this ‘freezing’ through a logical process of steps or does it just seem to occur at random?

It’s very hard to help in a situation like this without very specific details of events leading up to the crash. If I can repeat them and reproduce the ‘freeze’ it should be very easy to fix.

I just recently upgraded to the new beta you gave me through the link and although I’d like to give you the specific steps, I really can’t. It’s just completely random. Sometimes, when the file opens, the cursor will be blinking on the page, which means it didn’t freeze, but when nothing happens and I try to click on the document part, my cursor turns into an hourglass. I’m not doing anything differently when I open the files, but I’m just clicking.

Step One: Open story file.
Step Two: Click on the “project”.
Step Three: Beta screen pops up (“This is the beta, it’ll go away on Dec. 12, etc.”)
Step Four: Wait for the screen to pop up.
Step Five: Click on the screen and see if it either freezes, or works.

If there’s any information you’d like, then please ask. But I don’t know how I can be more specific…

After you moved to beta 1.3 did you remove your old scrivener icon?? I know sounds dumb but I forgot to remove mine as it didnt automatically delete. Maybe you are selecting the old shortcut icon?

Do you have any other programs open at the same time?
Are you current on your computer’s updates, even the optional ones?
How much RAM do you have?
Does task manager (or whatever it’s called in your iteration of windows) show a process for Scrivener? (ctl-alt-del will bring it up.)
Are you using Norton?
Any other anti-viral programs or spyware programs?

I usually have Google Chrome open whenever I write (for, Pandora, the NaNoWriMo website) and maybe iTunes, but not often.

I’m not sure about my computer updates since my dad’s the one who does the tech-y stuff on my laptop for me.

I have 2.5 GB of RAM & yes, Task Manager shows something for Scrivener.

I use Norton and some AVG software/program my dad installed.

I know there have been issues with Norton and Scrivener. Can you allow an exception for Scrivener with norton?