Programming Language

As an ex-programmer myself, I am impressed how well thought out and user-friendly Scrivener is.

Purely out of fascination, does anyone know what language Scrivener is written in?

Warmest regards

Hi James,

most likely in Objective-C and XCode.

No idea about the Win version.



IIRC the Windows version is currently based on the Qt4 framework, so that would imply C++ – although there are many language bindings available according to … s_for_Qt_4 .

Thanks guys. Interesting.

Of course the essential thing in a good application is design, including database design. This is independent from the actual language used.

When I wrote apps, they were for Windows desktop, I never worked multi-platform.

I wonder whether they used a high level application to design in, compiling it down to C++?

Do any of the actual programmers come on here?

Warmest regards

They don’t use any databases. Everything is stored in XML files (I think) and pure rtf files.

I see you are on Win and I only use Scrivener on Mac so not sure how things are set up on Win.