Progress bar customization

I only recently discovered the option to put a target for a given session, which is exactly what I needed!

I am wondering - is it possible to customize the target bar? Currently it’s light blue showing in the search window. I’d love to choose the color of the bar, maybe even size? Dream would be to have an option to choose a range of colors which would change, depending on how far are you with the target :slight_smile:

Hi Dagon. Yes, you can customize the colors of your target bars by going to File > Options > Appearance > Targets > Options. Here you’ll tick the box to enable “Use custom colors in toolbar progress bars.”

Then, you can use the “Colors” tab in that same area to set a color for each option.

At present, there’s a known bug in the Windows version regarding when each color is displayed, but that’s already been flagged for the developer to review.

You can learn more about the project targets and session targets in §20.1 of the manual. You can access a PDF of the manual from Scrivener’s Help menu.

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Thank you for prompt reply :slight_smile:

Target progressbars:

Vertical progressbar. :wink:

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