Progress bar for folders

Let’s say I have a folder “Chapter 1” with subdocuments “Text 1” and “Text 2”. I’ve set a target for the folder “Chapter 1”.

If I select the Draft in the Outliner it will show 0% progress for “Chapter 1” no matter how many words are written into “Text 1” and “Text 2”.

How do I get the Progress to track the Total Word Count instead of the Word Count? “Chapter 1” is just a folder containing subdocuments, but I’m usually more interested in the Chapter progress than the individual document progress.

I’m afraid that’s not yet an option, although a “Total Progress” tracker is on the list for future updates.

O.o Scriv doesn’t do this yet?

I would really like this!

Not in the way the OP was asking about. You can use Project Targets to set a goal for your whole draft or for your writing session (ie, the time the project is open), but there’s not presently a way to track a target for a specific set of combined scenes. So though individual documents inside a folder can have their own targets and you can watch the progress bar on each of those, there’s no way yet to have the containing folder calculate the combined progress and show that on a project bar. There are word count columns for this available already in the outliner, so you can turn them on and then just create a word count goal for the folder and use the total word count for the folder to do the progress tracking–once the total hits the folder goal, you’re good. But the visual aspect of the progress bar isn’t there yet. It will be coming however, as I said.

Thanks MimeticMouton, that’s really helpful information. I didn’t realise the progress bars in outline mode worked cumulatively. I just assumed that since the word count for the folders in Scrivenings mode didn’t add in the sub documents, that it was the same across the whole programme.

I did come across an interesting bug while I was looking into this advice though. I have a fairly complicated outline I’m putting together which consists of a set of eight folders, each containing a number of sub folders, which contain documents. I put some test text into a document to see if it added to the word count for the parent folder of the parent folder, which it did, but it also seemed to add it to all the folders below that point.

Has anyone else noticed this?
I’m going to go and search to see if this was reported already. If it hasn’t I’ll post a thread in the bug reporting section and add a screenshot.

Oops, sorry, yes, this is a known bug. I’m still going through to double-check all the fixes that made it into 035, and this one hasn’t gotten in yet. It should be fixed for 1.0 though. Sorry about that!

Ah, sorry. I did some searches but I couldn’t find a topic for it in the bug forum so I did post it, sorry, should have checked back here first.

No problem! I’d rather get multiple reports on a bug than miss one. :slight_smile: