Progress bar made optional

I humbly request that the display of the progress bar on the “Project Targets” window and the current document’s status bar be non-animated. I’m one of those unfortunate people for whom even the slightest distraction can be an irresistible invitation not to work.

I understand this is likely an OS imposition, and would therefore request that the display of the progress bar be optional. For example, when setting a document target, perhaps the display of the bar could be toggled with a click (or a selection from a context menu on the status bar, or a setting in the preferences panel). Since the target appears with the word count in the status bar as an exact number, my view is that the progress bar could be optional. Likewise in the “Project Targets” window, which I like to keep visible while working.

Thanks for the consideration.

This issue has already been addressed in the next version, in both places where progress bars can appear.

Many thanks for the quick response.