Progress bar not registering progress in Outliner

The progress bar isn’t showing any progress, even though I’ve got 30k of 75k done. Any idea how to get the progress bar to reflect the progress in the outliner?

The outliner progress bars only show progress for individual documents, not folders, regardless of your progress in documents contained within those folders. I’m pretty sure I remember someone saying they were working on fixing that for a future release, but I could be mistaken.

Well I hope they do that. But also, you’d think i could see the project target info in the folder that CONTAINS all those files…since the entire document is in there, too, all in one place. Maybe there’s some way to easily see the project target elsewhere on the screen and I just don’t know about it. Anyway, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Project > Project Targets opens the targets and live word count for the project. You can keep that open while working and move it wherever you want it on the screen. The outliner shows document targets, the count also displayed in the editor footer as x/y and with a progress bar there. Folders in Scrivener can also contain their own text, and the progress bar is thus reflecting the state of that text–in this case, 0. We will be adding “Total Progress” and “Total Target” columns that will work with the “Total Word Count”. “Total Target” will sum the individual targets of the container and its subdocuments, and the “Total Progress” for the container will measure the total word count compared to the total target.