Progress bars broken in outliner?

I have some text document sections each with a target set at a number of words. These are working perfectly in creating nice progress bars in the bottom right corner of the document (or scrivenings) view.

However, when I select to display ‘progress’ in the outliner view, each document gets a bar, but all the bars just appear white and empty. When I mouse over the bars all say ‘Progress 0.10%’ (inaccurately).

Any idea how to fix this, or is it a bug?

That sounds like a bug to me, I get normal progress bars that match the status of the bars in the footer of the editor. Can you confirm if the items you are viewing in the outliner are the same exact items, and not their parent items? For instance, if you have individual scene items with the word count goal, but are looking at chapter folders in the outliner. These goals will not “carry up” to higher levels.

Ah, I think I have worked out the problem.

The goals I’ve set are for the chapter’s folder (which just contains the words ‘chapter x’ which is 0.10% of my 2000 word chapter goal), which then contains the scenes with all the words in.

I’ve been displaying the ‘total word count’ rather than the ‘word count’, so I didn’t realise the folder is only considered to have two words in, despite all the words in the scenes.

Is there any way around this? I don’t have any particular target length for scenes, just chapters.

Ah okay, there isn’t a way yet. We do plan to have a Total Progress bar in the future to complete this way of working, as it is fairly common. Right now you’ll just have to do the math if you are counting groups of documents as being a part of one singular goal. Sorry about that!

Ok, thanks for your help :slight_smile: . A ‘total progress’ bar is definitely a feature would appreciate.