Progress / excess bar to help editing and trimming

Hey all,

I do a wide variety of writing in Scrivener and quite often I need to reduce the length of my work for various reasons.

It’d be great to be able to have an “excess” bar that works like the progress bar. Perhaps a bar that indicates the percentage of the difference between two points. That way when I read through me later drafts, I could see my progress and what areas need attention.

Obviously it would require some thought. There would need to be a way of setting sensible target ranges, for example: set an “initial words” value, revise the target column, show the “trimming” bar to show the difference between the (higher) “initial words” number and the target, and perhaps a percent.

Not a big deal, just an observation and a thought!


Something similar to this is planned for a future version.
Thanks and all the best,