Progress report

Unless you actually need to access the contents of the refrigerator, its customary to keep the door,[i]closed`[/i], not wedged open! :wink: tch! tch!

And! If you dont put a tray with water in the icemaker, you aint gonna get no ice, are y? 8)

naw, it was broken two months ago and the wife scheduled the repair two weeks ago - just a serendipitous coinkydink!

A serendipitous coinkydink?

Mmmnn… I love to bathe in words, but now you’ve given me bubbles as well!

Bliss :stuck_out_tongue:

thats because youre a sodding pervert :blush:

People like you shouldn`t be allowed on these forums :open_mouth: tch! tch!

And as for you dixonge! Blaming the wife is my prerogative! so back off :wink: Also watch your language! The old ones in their dotage, like juddbert get turned on by anything :unamused:

Vic - You really should try to resist strutting around the forum a huffing and hurrumphing. It just doesn’t square with your hot-rod bon viveur image!

hurrumphing :open_mouth: Isnt that frowned upon by the Holy Roman See. Isnt it supposed to send you blind :blush:

Anyway, just ignore me, Im having a bad hair day :frowning: Your quite right of course, I should be more image conscious :confused: A bit like fogging the proverbial, though. Dont you think?

I would just like to avail myself of this opportunity, to point out, that:

Fogging, the proverbial is not a L of a lot different to flogging the proverbial…

Thank You

On the contrary Vic, thank you for demistifying that particular typographic aberration.


Oh my - a typo leads to a spray on words! (sorry, couldn’t figure out how to properly italicize that one)

But I rather liked ‘fogging the proverbial’ – I think it has some potential. And it is especially handy for when one of your characters comes upon a dead horse surrounded by a cloud of insects!


With old perverts like Juddbert, The Beast of[/i] [b]Bodmin[/b][color=green][i] Moor[/i] you have [color=olive]to be very [b][u]carefull [/u][/b], not to [b][i]arm[/i][/b] him with even more weapons of derision and hurtfull[b][i] [u]inuendoe[/u][/i] [/b], than his armoury already contains< full stop/period missing [b][i][u][color=indigo][size=200]tch! tch[/size][/u]![/i] [/b] Ordinary [color=cyan]mortals such as you or[b] I[/b], would see no [color=blue]implicit [color=yellow]simillarity, between hurrumphingandfogging the preverbial, we see typo. Not so the Beast!! With a sewer for a mond<---[color=indigo][size=200]typo[/size] :smiley: [b][i]Id never hear the last of it!!![/b]

viv< :wink:

Another early foray into the Jameson bottle Vic?

:open_mouth: [color=darkred]w[color=yellow]h[color=blue]y [color=indigo]W[color=olive]h[color=violet]a[color=brown]t [color=darkred]t[color=blue]i[color=olive]m[color=orange]e [color=cyan]i[color=green]s[color=orange] i[color=green]t :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
:frowning: init sad