Progress tracking with self input options


I’d like to suggest a self input option for the progress tracking. Mostly character or words can be a good criteria to track the progress. However, in my case, I have my own criteria about my work. So, it would be really nice if I can input the progress % by myself.

Thanks !

As a work-around, I think there’s an alternative to this being added as a feature.

  • Create a new file in your manuscript folder and call it “progress”.
  • Bring up your compile dialogue and set the compile target to just that file (if it won’t let you, go back and create a folder for “progress” to live in and try again).
    That should make your Project Targets window reflect just what you put in the “progress” document.
  • Set the Project Target to 100 words (or 100 characters if you prefer).
  • To set your progress to 20%, enter 20 words/characters in your “progress” document.

Or you could do that in a single document using its own tracking feature. Set its goal character mode and however many “stops” you want, and then type in a dot whenever you want to increment the counter.