Proj/Sess Target gauges don't appear to function[ADDRESSED]

I went into the Project - Project Targets, and entered my targets for the project and the session. My understanding is that session targets count all work done in a session research, draft, etc). After writing about 700 words (in a research document - taking notes, as well as about 100 in the draft folder - changes mostly), I checked the session target screen, and it shows nothing. My target is 2000, so 700 should have shown up.

Also, the project target gauge doesn’t seem to be working right. I have 3933 in my draft folder, target is 100,000. Which is 3.93% - but it says 3% and the gauge is empty (or maybe 3% isn’t enough to show up - not sure. Probably should write more words…)

3% might not be enough to show up.

On the other matter, Session Target only counts words typed into the Draft area. This will be improved in time—probably after 1.0 is released officially. The idea is, only words typed into the actual book itself are counted as being a part of your session goal. For most people this is desirable, but an option is on the slate for other workflows.