Project 2 Export from Mac to PC Not Working

Hi. I understand the PC version isn’t compatible with Mac and you need to Export Project to Scrivener 2, but when I open the project in PC I have all my page headers but no content. Every single page is blank.

Apart from cutting and pasting every single page back into Word - which is cross platform compatible - what else can I do to make this work.

Thanks for any insight.

Just so you can see what I mean. Oh, and strangely, I can see chapter 3.

There aren’t any known issues with the command to save an older version of the project. So what you’re seeing is either very specific (probably content relate), or something else entirely that has nothing to do with conversion. For instance, this kind of result is very commonly seen when people download the “my_project.scrivx” file out of the a backup or cloud website and the try to open it all by itself. They get an “empty” project because that file only describes the binder and some settings. You need the hundreds of other documents that all constitute the project format.

Chapter 3 is the oddball in that theory though. The problem may be data related otherwise, and that means sending us a simple sample through tech support so we can take a look at it.

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