"Project already open" again

I am receiving the “project already open” error message again, second time in some days.

  • When closing last time, I had 3 Scriv projects open in parrallel (as usual)
  • As far as I know, I did quit Scrivener normally, and was not in Full Screen when quitting
  • After switching on the computer and doing some other work, I started Scrivener
  • “Pao”-error showed
  • 2 projects opened correctly yet with all folders closed (which is a nuisance but not a big issue)
  • EDIT All COLLECTIONS have been removed (not the content, just the Collections tabs)
  • 1 project, though, is reported as “corrupted”

Screenshot of the corrupted project attached.

That sounds like the UI file was wiped out for some reason. This is the “ui.plist” file in the Settings project subfolder.

Are you syncing, incidentally, or moving/copying this project around on a regular basis? All of this sounds very much like sync or disk issues to me, like not all of the project is downloading properly (which can cause the “corrupted” message to appear). Another thing I note that looks odd, if you scan down the date stamps in your screenshot, you’ll find groups of files have the same timestamp. If those are creation dates it would be less strange, maybe you tend to create groups of items in batches like that, but if they are modification dates, does it sound likely you’d edit several documents within the space of one minute? I would expect to see more blocks of documents with small incremental increases in minutes if you did, though.

Collections, everything about them, are stored in the .scrivx file which describes everything about your binder, down to the labels assigned to items and even their names. Is anything else amiss within it, such as outline that looks old? I’d also check to make sure it isn’t just a display issue. See if they are listed in the View/Collections/ sub-menu. It is very odd that a portion of your .scrivx file would revert without any other indications of it have done so, though.