"Project already open" error

Access to projects fine on desktop. Have been okay on laptop in the other room, too. All stored on OneDrive. Now project I’ve been working on works fine on desktop but when I try to open it on laptop (even with desktop shut down) I receive a popup message that the Project is Already Open. I’ve rebooted laptop and actually reset windows and reinstalled Scrivener on laptop, too. Nothing seems to help. I see that Scrivener has had similar problems, but all discussion of them dates from years ago. Both installs are up to date and successfully activated. Current Windows 11 lo both machines. Ideas welcome…

At some point, the desktop was shut down before the sync’ing process on OneDrive was fully complete, the last step being sync’ing the deletion of the user.lock file. That is created when you open a project on a machine to prevent it being edited on two machines at the same time, and is deleted when you close the project. If the machine is shut down before the deletion has been sync’ed, as far as any other machine is concerned it is still open.

The cure is simple, in Windows, with Scrivener closed, find the user.lock file within the project folder and delete it. Do it on a copy of the project if you want to be completely safe, and if all’s well, delete the original project so you don’t get confused which one you’re working on.