Project and Document Notes

If I’ve missed this elsewhere, I apologize. Is there a way to display both Document and Project Notes at the same time.

On the menu bar, select Projects, then Project Notes. It’ll open in a separate window; your document notes will be in the Inspector.

I think I’m still missing something :frowning: I’m using Release 1.2.5 on Windows and there’s no option on the Project Menu to display Project Notes. Perhaps I should move this to the Wish List :slight_smile:

There isn’t a separate project notes window, yet. No need to add that to the wish list though, it’s already on the timeline.

Oops. Didn’t notice, from the RSS feed, that this was on the Windows forum.

I didn’t even know that existed in version 2 (Mac). Neat! I’m betting this will have to wait until version 2 of Scrivener for Windows, since that’s when they added pop-up document windows (Quick View) and multiple Project Notes features on the Mac. But don’t take my word for it; I have no responsibility here whatsoever.