Project and session target – UX tweak / suggestion

Hi Keith and team,
Thanks again for the best writing ecosystem on the planet (imho).

Had a brief moment of confusion over which button to press to reset session target (I thought the btn underneath Manuscript Target was connected with Manuscript target and not session target). Would it be better to move the button? See screenshots.

Just a suggestion – ignore if not helpful!

You can’t see it, because Apple dropped support for Twitter integration a while back, but on older systems there is a tweet button there, where you could announce your daily progress. :slight_smile:

Hi Amber, I wasn’t talking about twitter/sharing – just where the reset button sits – moving the “reset” button to underneath “Session Target” so it’s more obvious that “reset” refers to “Session Target” and not “Manuscript Target”. If that makes sense?
Have a good one.

I haven’t been clear: there is already a button there, where you suggest moving it, a Twitter button. You just can’t see it because the OS version you are using doesn’t support it.

Ah. OK. I understand. :slightly_smiling_face: