Project and Session word counts no longer work

Suddenly my Project and Session word counts have stopped. They were working well until a few weeks ago when I noticed the project word count had stopped at the word count from a previous session while the session count stayed at zero. I reset those targets and have restarted the program several times hoping whatever glitch caused the problem would resolve somehow. In checking for updates, my Scriv 3.0 is up-to-date. My search of the forum shows that this has happened before, but those incidents were several years ago. Suggestions?

When your Word Count is set to Exact, the Compiled word count is shown. When your selection for Compilation in the top right of the Compile Overview window results in no words to Compile, the Word Count will become zero.
Is that what’s happening to you?

The other place to look is at statistics and Options pane, what documents are you including, what documents are marked for compile?
Project>Project Statistics>Options

Thanks. That’s not what happened, but it led me to the cause. Several of my newly created chapters and scenes were turned off for being included in the compile. Never had that happen before, but then I realized they had first been created outside the manuscript and moved inside it. Usually, I create new ones within the manuscript and the ‘include in compile’ box is automatically checked. (slap forehead) I’ve been using Scrivener for a decade. That should have crossed my mind. lol

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Thanks for the reply. I had already looked at the options and they were okay. My problem’s cause is described in my other reply.