project auto-complete list

Hi all. Quick question:
I am working on a script project that jumps back and forth A LOT in time. In scene heading, I would like to create an option to read: SUBTITLE FADES IN:
After reading the help menu, I went to Project>Auto-complete list and added that to the list and then saved it.
To my dismay, when I am in scene heading and hit “s” I expected SUBTITLE FADES IN: to pop up but that doesn’t happen.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any help on this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 13.22.17.png

Pardon my near complete ignorance of the conventions of scriptwriting, but wouldn’t a cue like this usually be done with something more like the Transition element, or even better, isn’t there some standard for printing scene location/time/context/etc. information? Well, that aside, it basically sounds like you’re trying to get an element with very specific auto-completion rules to act more like a general line. If you go into the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings… menu command and examine the Scene Heading’s “Auto-Complete” settings tab, you’ll find that completions are done after a period and before a hyphen, thus only offering completions when you are typing where the “[…]” is in the following: “INT. […] - DUSK”. Given that knowledge, I can type in “INT.” and then “s” and be offered “subtitle fades in:” (yes, I realise that doesn’t really make much sense to declare the subtitle is an interior shot, but hence my question on whether what you’re proposing here is standard).

There is a way to do what you’re looking for—you could disable that option and make Scene Heading act more like Action or anything with general auto-completion—just be aware that you’ll lose the automatic gathering of location names from scene headings.